A full-service, technical-solution computer firm, SOLPHY's inception is a unique one. We were established by individuals who possess extensive years of experience in co-operating with the Army.

Our activity's foremost objective is the creation of integrated, as well as unified, computer systems. Each SOLPHY system is designed with a threefold objective in mind: to serve the infrastructure of your home, its surroundings, and your workplace. Recognizing the lack of system standardization, the frequent configuration problems, and the nonconformity of the world's presently existent devices, we embarked on a solution. The SOLPHY concept was born of a desire to create a cycle of devices at advanced technological levels. At the same time, our aim was to make every SOLPHY system simple in service and easily compatible.

The following are our dedicated lines of technological solutions:

Home Line - integrated computer infrastructures for home services
Midrange Line - systems for small and medium size businesses
Ultimate Line - service systems for larger enterprises

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